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The headache arises by crises. The term he even is trivialized so much that it indicates(appoints) any headache.


In fact there are the usual headaches: the next day of busy evening, the headache further to a contrariety, or an infection neighborhood: flu, disorder nasopharyngeal, otitis, sinusitis; or further to dental, eye problems: required to carry(wear) glasses, failure(insufficiency) of convergence.






The true crises of headache are too started by numerous internal and external factors: allergy, digestive intolerance, sensory excitements(excitations), among others visual as the sunlight or the strong lightings. But these headaches have characteristics, which are with forerunners or not.


They are painful crises of half of the head, this afternoon straight(right) half of the skull this afternoon left(awkward) half. The severe, pulsatile pain (beats at the rate of the heart(core)), aggravated by any effort, the light and the noise.


Sometimes preceded by the vision of several twinkling, mobile whiteheads, or a single stain(blotch), lined with a brilliant bright fringe; the stain(blotch) widens and extends towards the periphery(outskirts) of the visual field. She(it) is surrounded with a zigzag on-line border broken by white color: it is the ophtalmic headache.



In women the crises sometimes correspond to the period of rules(menses). (It is the catamenial headache). Sicknesses(nauseas) and vomitings can be added to it, as well as difficulties speaking and articulating.


The migraine sufferer looks then for the peace, in the darkness. His(her,its) humor is degraded, he(it) is irritable and depressant. These crises owed of a few hours in three days. Between the crises the migraine sufferer is perfectly normal.


The headache is the real full disease: she(it) corresponds at the migraine sufferer to the susceptibility of some of her(its) cerebral arteries to spasmer, to narrow, then to dilate (vasodilatation) afterward.


This susceptibility, it is a real convenient, often family ground. We are migrainous after the adolescence then the frequency decreases with the age. We estimate(esteem) at 20 % migraine sufferer who(which) him(it) stay for life.




What the headache opthalmique?



The ophtalmic headache can potentially affect(touch) the 18 % of migrainous women. Who characterizes her(it)? How to treat(handle) her(it)? (Article appeared on – September 21st, 2004)

The ophtalmic headache, so called headache with aura, is one of typify of headache. We speak about aura because she(it) begins by shady visual which affect(touch) generally both eyes. The phenomenon varies from an individual to the other one but globally the patients see as a twinkling point which gets fat(grows) gradually until hamper(bother) the vision, sometimes bright zigzags which migrate(run) on one side or of the other one, or another the effect of kaleidoscope.


Such a phenomenon can naturally panic, but it has in reality no consequence, except the headaches which follow each other. Indeed, if certain persons present these visual symptoms without having of headaches, mostly, these visual sensations precede strong headaches which are going to affect(touch) half of the skull and the pain of which can be stressed by the light.


In such a state, migraine sufferer are often also taken just like that by fatigue, by sicknesses(nauseas), even by vomitings. During these crises, such as can potentially know them 7 million French people, best is to lie in the darkness, away from any noise.


The ophtalmic headache has its origin in the brain. His(her,its) treatment(processing) is the same that for the other types(chaps) of headache: treatment(processing) of crisis and disease-modifying drug. Treatments(processings) which are individually awarded by professionals. And, more than somewhere else, the self-medication is not a good remedy for migraine sufferer, who have to recover from it to the specialists.





Prevention and treatment(processing):




Every migraine sufferer learns in time to warn(prevent) its crises: certain food for some, contrarieties for the others; the fatigue, the fast and the climate (cold, heat, wind) for some.


There are two treatments(processings):


A treatment(processing) of the crisis: with by-products of the ergot, and more recently the triptans, the new therapeutic class.


A maintenance regimen: recommended if the number of crises becomes consequent. Intended to act on the ground and consequently to decrease the frequency of the crises.


Trials of various drugs turn out often necessary. You should not certainly loose courage.