THE ISHIHARA TEST BOOK.         THE COLOR VISION colorblind They see more or less gray, but not true color , not particularly distinguish red and green. As with optical coatings that do not heal as refractive errors , why not think to treatment of congenital dyschromatopties […]


    Without prismatic glasses the head is turned.   Certain persons have eyes which move ceaselessly; their eyes are livened up(led) by ceaseless oscillations; they can exist from the birth or appear later mostly in neurological pathologies.   FORMS   The most frequent are the nystagmus where eyes move […]


        The uvea is one of the tunics of the eyeball, between the sclera and the retina outside inwards. It includes the iris forward, ciliare body and the choroid ; Uveitis is an inflammation of the uvea , characterized by redness and / or pain, intolerance to […]


                  The tears are produced by the lachrymal gland then evacuated by lacrimal passages.   Tears moisten the surface of the eyeball permanently. This last one is affected by any quantitative or qualitative disturbance of tears. Tears are secreted, spread then eliminated. […]


VIDEO DU GLAUCOME Glaucome       Angle ouvert le plus fréquent Angle fermé moins fréquent           The glaucoma is due to an increase of the internal pressure of the eye. It can show himself in a acute way and realize an ophthalmologic urgency(emergency), or establish(constitute) […]


        The vitreous is the transparent gelatinous mass that occupies the center of the eyeball. It consists of collagen fibers and a liquid , hyaluronic acid . Normally it is perfectly clear. Over time it changes ; its liquid component , hyaluronic acid is scarce , and […]


        Normally the cavity(excavation) of the eyeball is occupied by vitreous body, gelatinous, colorless and transparent mass as the white of raw egg. Vitreous body adheres to the retina; with the age, it tends to collapse, to curl up on him even, where from its separation with […]


  The opacity of the lens prevents light rays from reaching the retina and is responsible for a decrease in visual acuity. The only way to improve is to practice vision lens extraction. This procedure is simple and can be conducted in an outpatient setting.   Ophtalmos-3Zigs-mod06 2     […]


        THE CORNEA   It is the membrane which is situated in the front of the eyeball; it is perfectly transparent, allowing to pass the light, which crosses afterward the anterior chamber, the pupil, the lens, vitreous body to arrive at the retina.   Any decrease of […]


      They are common symptoms, of every day. Generally eyes remain white or little red.   If eyelids are thickened, inflated, it can involve an inflammation and or an infection of eyelids said blepharitis, the origin which can be infectious or allergic. A treatment with collyrium and cream […]