The retina


     TOP : In general there is an tear of the retina before the detachment. DOWN : Normal fundus with normal situation of the retina. The retina is formed by leaves  as paper CLINEX, which can part: the leaf intern says sensory retina because it contains cones and sticks, […]

ARMD or Age-related macular degeneration

        The Macular Degeneration related to the Age is the cause of the evil clairvoyance the most spread in the developed countries. She(it) would reach(affect) the 20 % of the population according to certain estimations.   This dimmed vision appears generally after the age of 50 years; […]


        TUMORS The retinoblastoma is a highly malignant malignant tumor affecting(touching) essentially the infant and the young child. It is a genetically determined tumor. The gene of the retinoblastoma sits on the chromosome 13 q.   So that the tumor develops both alleles of the gene have […]