PINGUECULA  It is a small yellowish projection the volume of which does not exceed(overtake) that of a lens.   Of triangular shape, on base(basis) against the cornea, she(it) is trained(formed) not by some fat, but by a heap of epithelial cells and some connective tissue.  She(It) […]


      THE PTERIGIUM It is a conjunctival training in the shape of triangle. It can remain still, or progress slowly in several years towards the center of the cornea. It is more frequent in the occupations exposed to the bad weather, to the sun, to the dusts, to […]


      The conjunctiva is the membrane lining the front side of the eyeball and the posterior faces of the lids . Conjunctivitis is the result of an infection or inflammation. The agent may be a microbe , virus, allergic processes , or a fungus .   Whatever the […]