The conjunctiva is the membrane lining the front side of the eyeball and the posterior faces of the lids .

Conjunctivitis is the result of an infection or inflammation. The agent may be a microbe , virus, allergic processes , or a fungus .


Whatever the causative agent there are common signs include tingling , burning, redness, edema, secretions.

* Viral conjunctivitis : the most common is that which follows nasopharyngitis , the pools, the row with swelling of the eyelids called Molluscum contagiosum .
* Purulent conjunctivitis : caused by germs such as streptococcus, staphylococcus or pneumococcus. There secretions and eyelids tend to stick .

* Allergic conjunctivitis : seasonal or annual per – ; due to house dust mites or molds and ; to eye drops or ointment cosmetic medicine . Skin tests allow an accurate diagnosis.

* The vernal conjunctivitis is for any particular form ; this is conjunctivitis child and adolescent ; it starts between 2 and 10 years, and evolves through adolescence ; it is debilitating symptoms parses facts itching , photophobia, blepharospasm and visual loss . It evolves in spurts in the spring and becomes perennial . It usually heals at puberty (typically ) . It is due to hormonal , genetic geographical factors , and environmental factors. It evolves throughout the year with summer rise. It regresses at puberty ; its complications are mostly contact ( ulcer, keratoconus ) , cataract and glaucoma. Treatment : protection against ultraviolet glasses , cap with visor, eye wash cold saline, allergy medication with antihistamines and anti dégranulants mast as eye drops without preservatives and orally . Corticosteroids are prescribed locally if corneal involvement in short courses and decreasing doses , followed by antibiotiques.Des colyres time we use an injection of cortisone into the thickness of the eyelid. In obstinate forms these treatments are used with ciclosporin , cryotherapy buds , resection of giant papillae , surgery by amniotic membrane.

– Atopic keratoconjunctivitis : affect adults 30 to 50 years; the prognosis is rather poor ; Indeed, there is a risk of complications cf cataract , herpetic keratitis and keratoconus.

– Conjunctivitis of the newborn : it says 3-4 days after birth ; it is due to gonorrhea by contamination during passage through the birth canal. That is why the instillation of silver nitrate or an antibiotic in the eyes of newborns is systematic. another conjunctivitis of the newborn declares 8-10 days after birth ; it is due to chlamydozoom oculogénitale ; processing is done by eye drops cyclins . conjunctivitis of the newborn who does not give a correct treatment is due to obstruction of the lacrimal ; treatment is provided by permeabilization with lacrimal probe.

Trachoma is caused by conjunctivitis chlamydozoom trachomatis. It is sensitive to tetracyclines . The evolution of hygiene and systematic eradication campaigns based tetracycline ointment made ​​him exceptional.