The tears are produced by the lachrymal gland then evacuated by lacrimal passages.


Tears moisten the surface of the eyeball permanently. This last one is affected by any quantitative or qualitative disturbance of tears. Tears are secreted, spread then eliminated. The dry eyes can depend on these three stages.


Secretion of tears:


The lachrymal movie is established(constituted) by three layers(diapers),mucous membrane in contact of the surface of the globe, aqueous in the middle and lipid on-surface.



The secretion is under the influence of diverse factors:


* The alternation at day-night, decreasing the night ( circadian rhythm)

* The age, decreasing with years.

* Diverse factors: slimming course bringing a malnutrition or a vitamin A deficiency ménaupose, dysfunctions of the thyroid, the pituitary gland. Grip(taking) of drugs: tranquillizers, antiallergic, antiparkinsonian, atropiniques, betablocker, oral, neuroleptic contraceptives chemical burns or physics, aftereffects(sequelas) of chronic conjunctivites, trachoma…


The distribution of tears:


It is assured by the blinkings of eyelids. The distribution can be affected by the rarity of the blinking: prolonged fixation(binding) of one

Computer screen, malposition of eyelids (ectropion, entropion, Bell’s palsy, exophtalmos, myope’s big eye…


The elimination:


Tears are largely evaporated, then The evaporation becomes more marked with the rarity of the blinkings, the heating, the air-conditioning, the heat wave(scorching heat), the low(weak) hygrometric degree, the pollution…






* Grease, moisten eyes by various collyria, gels, and pomade: there is a plethora of these drugs, the  simplest, the physiological salt solution, in the collyrium with hyaluronic acid. Best it is the one which is the best tolerated, which moistens and heals at the same time as the collyrium vitamin B12; the cream vitamin A being reserved for night.


* Act against the inflammation which accompage frequently the eye aridity (in collyrium).


* When the instillation of collyria becomes binding, or insufficient, we propose plugs : they fill(block) the entrance(entry) of the lachrymal points, allowing little of tears to stay at the level of eyes, and not to pass by towards nostrils through lacrimal canals.



 – – Wear a mask over your eyes at night before bed (like the one worn in long-haul aircraft)

– drink at least one and a half liter of water a day


– limit your consumption of diuretique nature: coffee, tea, alcohol…


– moisten your apartment


– Avoid: heating, air conditioning…


– Avoid the smoking(tobacco) and the smoke


– The carriers of lenses: remove your lenses as soon as possible during the day, and at least one day by a week.